The mission of Weingart is to invest in people living in poverty and transform them into productive, self-sufficient members of society — creating a better LA for everyone.

Be selfish. Invest in a homeless person.

Whether or not you feel a moral imperative to help, homelessness is a costly enterprise for everyone.
Getting people off the streets and into a job is good for all of Los Angeles, including you.

Homelessness costs you money.

Leaving homeless people on the street is a bad investment of your tax dollars. With 57,000+ homeless people in Los Angeles alone, we spend over $2 billion every year without a positive return for society (source).

Donations perpetuate the problem.

Donations are temporary fixes. When we donate we give money, time, or resources away without expecting a return. A meal and a bed may provide relief for one night, but does not solve the underlying problem. Investing in a homeless person’s permanent success yields positive returns for both individual and city.

ROI: A productive member of society.

The homeless are an untapped resource of human potential. Once employed and back on track, they are no longer a drain, but a productive citizen paying rent, taxes and helping support local businesses as contributing members of Los Angeles.


The Numbers

It costs more to do nothing than to do something.


Cost to leave someone on the street

Each person living on the street costs the city $35,000 per year on average (source). That includes emergency room and hospital visits, food stamps, mental health services, and law enforcement costs.


Cost to put someone through program

It costs $10,000 on average to put a person through a comprehensive 9-month program. This includes housing, food, case management, job training, job placement and followup support.


Proven ROI

Weingart graduates work hard to get themselves off the streets and into a job.
They lead happy, productive lives resulting in positive returns for society.



Once a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Braves, Javier was injured and became a real estate agent. After the housing bubble burst, he turned to drugs and lost everything. He completed the Weingart program, went back to school, finished his Bachelors degree and now works with homeless veterans. Read Javier's Reddit AMA



Fleeing an abusive relationship, she became homeless. After completing Weingart’s Job Development Program, she now works as a Community Resource Advisor for LA County supporting herself and her son.



Once a top real estate manager, Perry became a homeless heroin addict. He entered Weingart, got clean and finished the job development program. Today he’s married, has adopted a foster care child and owns a small business employing five people.


The Program

Changing the way we see the homeless starts by 
changing the way we talk about them.


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